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I wish I knew who the stupid assholes are that are sending such hate to a friend of mine just like so many little shits that think their so fucking awesome and that their tough shit because they’re posting anonymously.

Posting hate under anon just means you are that much more of a coward and you have no fucking life if you just search for people to torment on a fucking computer.

These people seem to claim to be part of th DID society or are just trolling the DID tags and I am sure they are tormenting others. I don’t know what it’s like personally to deal with this disorder, but i know it’s hard enough dealing with it WITHOUT the little dickheads making it worse!

You little shits that don’t even know what these people are dealing with, you terrible little maggots who find joy in spouting hate and hide your faces like cowards, I hope you have to endure something just as terrible, and I can only hope that someone cares enough about you to show you the kindness and understanding you neglected to show to others.

Ten Questions

ten questions

tagged by amandagraysons

1. What’s your name? Andrea

2. When is your birthday? December 31

3. Where are you from? Texas farm town

4. Have a crush? I’m kinda taken.

5. What’s your favorite color? Toss up between blue and green

6. Write something in caps: CAPTAIN AMERICAS BOOTY

7. Got a favorite band/artist? I don’t listen to music a lot….

8. Favorite number? 4

9. Favorite drink? Jelly donut coffee or jasmine tea

10. Tag 10 people: I would but…I don’t even know 10 people


A super quick little thing because today my dad told me about a neighbor with a daughter who is currently going through a rough time dealing with bullies and abuse at school, all because of the things she likes. 

I hate that this happens. It happens everywhere, and it’s heartbreaking and disgusting and so frustrating. I hate knowing that even with all of the change and progress I’ve seen since I was a 12 year old being bullied for being a nerdy, awkward girl, that this STILL HAPPENS and it SHOULDN’T.

It took me years and years for me to get anywhere near comfortable with myself, but as I grew older, the more I realized that as long as I was happy with my choices and my interests and the way I looked, it didn’t matter what anyone else wanted from me. I got better friends and it was so much easier to ignore the haters.

Because I know it’s hard, it’s SO HARD when you’re in middle school or high school or any point in your life, really, to be okay with yourself sometimes, but it’s SO important. 

And please, remember, there is always going to be someone out there who thinks you’re rad and awesome and knows you’re going to do great things. I hope that person is yourself, but hey, don’t forget I’ve got your back too.

You’ve got this, you can do this, stay strong and kick some butt, okay?

Because I think a lot about what I would say to 12 year old me, who would regularly cry herself to sleep because she was weird, and I just wish she had someone that could have just said “hey, it’s okay, things sort of suck right now, but hang tight, because things get so much better”.

Someone just drew my life right here.

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